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working hours
In Netherlands these is a 36 - 40 hours working week. For overtime hours employees get equivalent in money or in a few additional days on leave.


Earnings in Netherlands are high and especially attractive for foreign workers. Average salary is about 1745 euro per month and the minimal salary is about 740 euro per month.
Exemplary Wages in Netherlands:

  • medical care - 1900 €
  • public administration - 2690€
  • transport - 2030€
  • trade and services - 1745€
  • building industry - 2036€

SoFi Number (since 2007 BSN)

To work legally in Netherlands, is necessary to pay income tax. This is possible only when Inland Revenue knows your social security number. It is not available in every tax office. The list below includes the addresses of tax offices, in which a person can apply for SoFi number.

All of the offices are available under the telephone number: 0031 0800 0543. There is a possibility to make an appointment or wait for one's turn without a fixed date (but then it takes much more time).

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